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About Elephant Moving


Elephant Moving began with the idea of providing people with a better option for moving companies in Calgary. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we quickly saw that many people were not getting the quality, care and respect they deserve from their moving company. That’s one of the many things that sets us apart.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. Our customers always come first and we’re not happy unless you are. Your time is just as valuable as your belongings, which is why we’re always on time to help with your move. We treat every move with the utmost care, providing you with a quality service you can always count on. We make sure you always have complete peace of mind, whether you are moving your home or business.

What We Do

We are a premium moving company offering home moving, commercial removals, packing and unpacking services and storage depending on the needs and requirements of our customers. You can trust our adept and professional team of movers with your possessions. We believe prior planning is the key to a successful move, which is why we openly communicate with our customers well before moving day.

Not only do we want to get your possessions to your new location safely, but we also want to ease some of the burdens from you. A simple way we can help with that is with our packing services. We can pack everything for you. Our movers will itemize the boxes and make sure everything is unloaded from the truck into the correct room of your new home or office space.

To make things even easier, we also offer unpacking services so all you have to do is relax and tell us where you would like things to go. If you’re looking for the best moving company in Calgary, give us a call and find out how we can make your move easier.

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    Our Main Moving Services


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    Moving into a new home is no small task. Between planning move dates, packing and organizing your belongings it can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we offer affordable, reliable and efficient moving services to Calgary and area.

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    Is your office or retail business moving? Save yourself the stress and let us take care of moving for you. We’ll make sure your items arrive safely and on time so you can get back to your business. Whether you’re staying in Calgary or relocating within Alberta or British Columbia, let us help.

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    We’d say no one likes packing, but we do. That’s why Elephant Moving offers full packing, unpacking, disassembling & reassembling services. Prefer to do it yourself? We can provide everything you need from boxes and tape to bubble wrap and moving blankets.

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    Our Latest Testimonials


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    [bsf-info-box icon_size=”32″ title=”Fiona Tan”]-Calgary[/bsf-info-box]
    This is by far the Best moving company we have ever used. Nicolai and Dimitri were professional, careful, polite, and they even took their shoes off when they came into the house. Most of all, they are reasonably priced and honest!
    [bsf-info-box icon_size=”32″ title=”Richard Paley”]-Calgary[/bsf-info-box]
    Movers were not only on time, they were early! They guys were professional and took the greatest of care to ensure no damage to the furniture or the house. The movers were efficient with their time. I would definitely use this company again and have already recommended them to friends.
    [bsf-info-box icon_size=”32″ title=”D Six”]-Calgary[/bsf-info-box]
    Very friendly, and efficient. Exceptionally careful moving big objects around and delicate with fragiles.
    Big thanks for helping me out on such short notice 🙂
    [bsf-info-box icon_size=”32″ title=”Emily L”]-Calgary[/bsf-info-box]
    I had a wonderful experience with Elephant Moving Inc. They are pros when it comes to local moves here in the city of Calgary and have been credited for their long distance moves as well! Super polite, organized , zero damage on my items and timely. The free estimate matched the final invoice, so it’s great to know they won’t rip you off. Honest, hardworking men that I would highly recommend to anyone.
    [bsf-info-box icon_size=”32″ title=”Lisa Mackay”]-Calgary[/bsf-info-box]
    Dmytriy and Nicolay were awesome. Having moved many times in the city this was the first time I hired movers and all my anxieties about that went away as soon as I met them. They were fast, efficient, and fun to talk to. I was surprised at how quick everything got done. Definitely worth every penny to avoid all the stress and chaos of moving. Will definitely recommend to others and will definitely be using them again for my next move. Thank you guys !