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Making the switch from a house to an apartment can be a big adjustment, especially when it comes to your appliances. If you’re used to having a washer and dryer in your home, you’ll need to find a new place for them when you move to an apartment. Many apartments don’t have laundry facilities on-site, so you’ll need to find a laundromat in your area. If you have a dishwasher in your house, you may not have one in your apartment. Many apartments have dishwashers, but not all of them do. If your apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, you can either wash your dishes by hand or invest in a portable dishwasher. When it comes to your stove, you may be able to use the one that came with your apartment. However, if you have a gas stove in your house, you’ll need to switch to an electric stove when you move to an apartment. Many apartments don’t allow gas stoves, so it’s important to check with your landlord before you move in. If you have any large appliances, such as a refrigerator or a freezer, you’ll need to disconnect them before you move. Many people hire an appliance company to disconnect and reconnect their appliances. Here are couple trusted companies who can do it a reasonable rate and on a short notice. 

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Founded in 2006, Staging Calgary is an internationally recognized and award-winning consulting firm that helps real estate agents and homeowners get the most out of listing and selling their homes. Starting with an on-site consultation, Yvonne will build a detailed plan of action that will allow you to take the next steps: optimizing your home or living space and helping you raise both the profile and the value of your property.

Ten Good Reasons To Work With Elephant Moving Company

The Calgary city and surrounding area’s Elephant Moving Company constantly makes your job simple and hassle-free. To begin with, moving is never an easy task. Absolute planning is required if you want to create a successful moving. And if you reside in a place like Calgary, you unquestionably need the assistance of a reputable moving company.

You have a lot of false assumptions about movers. You might wonder why you need them, think they’re too pricey, or think they’re completely ineffective. As I just said, these are simply limiting notions. You should therefore watch the actual event.

If you reside in Calgary, you are in one of Canada’s most developed cities. Moving your home, place of living, or place of business is thus a typical occurrence. You should contact an expert to help you escape any situation. We’ll outline some of the factors that make professional moving assistance in Calgary necessary in this article.

1.Organization and Professionalism

Professionalism is unquestionably crucial while planning a move. You must have someone with specific planning and implementation ideas if you’re considering moving in or to a city like Calgary. You ought to hire a specialist for this purpose. The moving company will assess your home or place of business and make appropriate plans.

The top moving companies in Calgary can successfully perform a move inside the city in just one or two days. Never forget to pick a moving company that offers a free estimate service.

2. Excellent Speed and Efficiency

Moving must be effective enough to protect you from suffering any losses. You can definitely understand how important a quick and easy move is when transferring an office. House movers, nevertheless, ought to be effective as well.

Before starting to move, an office must be closed. Additionally, closing an office means you’re not getting paid. Therefore, you run the risk of experiencing losses if you don’t use a moving company. The relocation process is excellent and seamless thanks to Elephant Moving – Calgary movers. Therefore, you should definitely contact us in Calgary if you want to move your office or home quickly and efficiently.

3. Assurance of Heavy Furniture Safety

It is normal to see that heavy furniture causes difficulty while moving for the first time. For novices, it is unquestionably a bad challenge. They ought to never return to this line of work.

On the other hand, well trained movers have the knowledge and expertise to transport big objects. They are capable of carrying all furniture, even the heaviest pieces. Therefore, while transporting bulky goods, you can do so completely stress-free.

You must use Elephant Moving company if you’re moving in Calgary and you want the heavy furniture to be handled with the utmost safety.

4. Suitable vehicles and equipment

Elephant Movers Calgary provide you the ideal size trucks and necessary supplies when you engage them. You can get things moving in this manner.

On the other hand, moving alone can need several journeys. Therefore, it will be a practical option when it comes to moving preparation . Again, you must purchase moving boxes, bubble wrap, and other materials.

Elephant Moving own the essential equipment and supplies. So, you truly don’t need to think about anything.

5. Price efficient

Living in Calgary is a fantastic decision. Therefore, many of you may believe that hiring expert Calgary movers is very pricey. If this is how you perceive us, we can provide you the best price in the market.

In Calgary, moving companies are reasonably priced. Yes, there may be some costly options, but you must choose the ideal one. We are not advising you to sacrifice quality. We are merely advising you to consider your options.

Different moving firms in Calgary, offer the different prices and services. You can thus definitely do so here. It only costs, on average, $130–175 to hire 2 or 3 movers and 1 truck. Therefore, it is not as pricey as you might imagine.

6. Elephant Moving Calgary are Reliable with Work

A skilled Calgary movers will consistently deliver on their promises. Additionally, hiring one of the top professional Calgary movers is unquestionably more dependable than using friends and family to help you move.
Everything is available to a professional moving company to carry out a flawless move. However, it is challenging to locate tools in a
residence. It will always be difficult for you, just like when you are taking things away. Elephant movers, however, always bring their own tools. So, for them, it will be a piece of cake.

7. A hassle-free moving

There are two ways to move your home in Calgary, or across the Alberta and BC. One is with your friends, family, and neighbors’ assistance and support. The second is to employ skilled movers, like those from an Elephant Moving company. Everyone is aware that those who prefer hassle-free relocation must select the second alternative.

You’re moving, which is the first thing. Additionally, it is a substantial amount of effort. As a result, in this circumstance, you ought to want to avoid getting into trouble by hiring experts to handle the task.

Additionally, there’s a chance that no one in your immediate circle is a

mover. It can therefore raise a number of safety flags and lines. They may consequently harm your property, your walls, themselves, and so on. So, calling a Calgary professional moving company is definitely a wise choice.

8. Time is a Valuable recourse

In 2022, time is the most valuable resource. It is even more valuable if you live in a huge, highly competitive city like Calgary. You must not waste even a single minute of your life because of this.

Moving could waste your extremely valuable time. Additionally, it requires excellent and clever planning. Additionally, the stress of moving can impair your daily life. Last but not least, the outcome can make you uneasy. It will undoubtedly be challenging for you to focus on your work.

As a result, you can engage some specialists in Calgary to help you entirely escape this strain. Everything will be handled by the moving company. You can thereby gain significant time.

9. With Elephant Moving Calgary – Your Property and Personal items Is Safe

After much work, a house or an office begin to take shape. It follows that the objects in your home or office are probably ones to which you have a strong emotional attachment. For this reason, you always want your personal belongings to be completely protected.

You run the risk of breaking some of your possessions when you attempt to move independently. Elephant Moving Calgary will provide you excellent white glove service with well skilled, prepared and organized movers. We are therefore offer complete security for your belongings. There is nothing to stress or worry about.

10. With us is nothing to worry about – we are here to help.

It’s tough to move your residence from one place to another. When you move into your own home, it is more stressful. since moving involves a stronger emotional attachment. Planning a move is difficult when there is such a strong emotional condition.
In these situations, hiring professionals and movers makes your job simple. Simply look up Calgary’s best house movers and give them a call. Following that, you can completely unwind and enjoy your move.

Tips For A Quick And Secure Move For The Winter Moving

When moving during the winter, you will encounter several obstacles and challenges, whether you are transferring your workplace or home to a better area. You will require a skilled and expert assistance from any reputable moving companies Calgary in order to overcome such chilly weather and obstacles.

Get your movers’ confirmation

Since the winter is Calgary’s busiest moving season, moving during this time is quite cost-effective. Even on the weekends, Calgary movers are either unoccupied or have limited responsibilities.
Get a confirmation from your movers and reserve one of Calgary’s top moving companies. To ensure that your move will take place at the predetermined day and time, let’s say you have reserved the following weekend. In that case, you must contact them at least three times during that time.

Pack everything you need in advance

On the final day of the move, many people begin packing their bags as well as their personal items. It will be advisable to start the advance preparation process if you are packing on your own.
By using the services of a Elephant moving company in Calgary, you can make your move simple and secure. Your pricey items will be transported in special boxes that are safe and will keep them safe and secure.

Remove snow and ice from sidewalks

Once you’re finished packing, it’s time to load your possessions into the moving company’s vehicle. Carrying large pieces of furniture on ice-covered sidewalks or roads is extremely dangerous. You prevent the moving company staff from getting hurt while loading the truck, make sure to remove all walkways and roadways.

Prepare a weatherproof container

Due of the delicate nature of these items in the cold winter weather, moving during this time can damage or even destroy them. Ask the Calgary mover to create a waterproof container if you want to prevent the effects of inclement weather, including rain and snow, on your precious items.

Get your personal vehicle ready to go

If you’ve used a moving company, you’ll be aware of how proficiently they inspect their vehicles each day before heading out on a new moving task. Since the journey to your new destination may be somewhat far, you should also have your own car serviced and make sure that every system and function is operating as it should.

Bring delicate items with you

The mover’s truck would take more time to arrive at the destination as they have to keep a steady speed due to large load hauling, thus you should transport fragile and sensitive items in your private automobile rather than the truck. Therefore, it is preferable to bring along any fragile items under our supervision.

Elephant Moving

Useful Tips For Employees – Office Moving

Any office relocation can be challenging for a worker. On the day of the move, things at work might get very chaotic with all the packing and moving – and you still have work to get done for the day! We’ve compiled 6 helpful ideas you may utilize to ease the moving process, whether you’re merely shifting your desk to a different level or moving to a new building entirely.

  1. Spend some time a day or two before the move cleaning your workspace thoroughly. Start by going through all of your old documents, memos, and receipts. Shred the ones that are merely taking up space and file the vital ones. Recycling the paper after scanning all vital documents to your computer is a smart idea.
  2. Be consistent when identifying your files and folders; you don’t want half of them to end up on someone else’s desk. You’ll need to spend the better part of the day looking for the remaining files and directories. Put the sticker on each of folder.
  3. Do not change the filing cabinet. Consider putting all your documents and folders in the file cabinet. You can save some time and space by leaving the contents of your cabinets alone because many of moving companies will shrink wrap anything with drawers.
  4. Bring your personal items home. Plan to bring home any sentimental items, such as picture frames, posters, or plants, the day before the move if you’re concerned, they’ll get lost.
  5. Telecommuting is recommended. Consider working from home on the day of the move if your boss permits it. Without the interruption of movers coming in and out, you’ll be able to accomplish more work, and the movers won’t have to worry about frequently stopping you in the middle of a thought.

Choosing The Appropriate Packing Materials and Moving Boxes

Basic moving boxes

The 1.5 cubic foot moving box, also known as the book or record box, is the smallest box offered by Elephant Moving. It is best suited for small, heavy items like books, records, cans, jars of food, utensils, flatware, shoes, and so forth.

Moving boxes of 3 cubic feet are sometimes referred to as lamp or lampshade boxes and are interchangeable with boxes of 1.5 cubic feet.

Use a 4.5 cubic foot moving box for lighter items like pillows, bedding, and plush animals as the box gets bigger.

Use a 6 cubic foot box for light products only; moving heavier objects packed in this box will be challenging.

Movable box for a mirror or picture

a four-piece box that may be adjusted by telescoping in and out; available in large or small sizes (small pictured); Before putting your mirror or picture in the box, make sure to cover it in bubble wrap and add some crumpled packing paper to the corners for support.

Moving boxes for wardrobes

Features a metal bar at the top of the box where clothes may be hung so that they can be transported on hangers.

Dishes-moving boxes

The strongest box available, it is also known as a barrel, dish barrel, or dish box. It is typically used for packing fragile, breakable items like china. 

Packing materials

Packing paper, sometimes known as plain newsprint, is used to cushion products by wrapping commonplace objects in it to prevent scratches.

Tissue paper, which is softer than newspaper and is used to bundle fragile figurines and china, provides padding and fills in small gaps.

Once small, delicate items have been wrapped in tissue, they are then wrapped in bubble wrap, a plastic wrapping material that is made up of hundreds of tiny “air cushions” or bubbles. Bubble wrap is also useful for wrapping larger, more fragile items like lamps and pictures.

Electronics like stereos and laptops are protected from static electricity by pink anti-static bubble wrap. Although it does not produce static electricity, it is comparable to conventional bubble wrap. These products could be harmed if regular bubble wrap is used to package them because it could generate a static electric charge.

Plastic tape, 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) to 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide, is best for packing. Before taping up drawers and canisters, check to see if it damages the finish.

Use a permanent marker to identify the boxes with the contents and the new location; when necessary, mark the boxes as “fragile” and “this side up.”

As you disassemble items, use resealable plastic bags to store the nuts and bolts. Tape the bag to the disassembled item.

Choosing The Reliable Mover

There are a lot of movers available, so selecting the right one can be hard

We want to be certain that you understand how to choose the best mover for you. To assist you in doing this, we have put together a useful list of ideas and information that you could find useful when selecting a moving company.

How to check that the moving company you select is reputable

1. Pick a moving company that accepts many different payment methods, if not all of them.

a. Companies that only accept cash should be avoided since they might not be reliable.

2. Avoid paying for moving estimates.

a. A free relocation quote is always provided by reputable businesses.

3. Beware of estimations that seem to be ”too wonderful to be true”

a. The final price may not always match the initial quote. Some relocation businesses con customers by providing low estimates that omit certain costs. Always ask what the cost estimate actually includes and choose a moving company who provides a thorough quote.

4. Examine the company’s internet reviews to see how they respond.

a. All trustworthy moving companies should be reviewed on the Google page, which is a terrific resource. It’s always a bad sign if you can’t locate any reviews or recommendations for the business because they might be concealing something or maybe they’re not even legitimate.

5. Choose a skilled and professional moving company

a. Businesses that have been around the longest tend to be the most trustworthy. Before hiring a moving company, check the number of years of experience they have; if they’ve been in business for a while, you can be sure they know what they’re doing.

6. Request recommendations from family, friends, and coworkers

a. While most consumers today start their search for a Calgary movers by going online, getting recommendations is preferable.
It’s always a good idea to get a personal recommendation for a business, whether it comes from friends, family, or coworkers.

7. Do They Provide Any Other Services?

a. In some circumstances, you’ll require services beyond simple “moving.” To assist you with your relocation, you might require the storage, moving helpers, or packing services. This implies that you will undoubtedly locate a business that can provide these services. You will be charged for these services – it should be stated.