Hazardous Materials, which include goods that are combustible, corrosive, or explosive, are items that cannot be shipped because they pose a risk.

The following are some typical prohibited items that you must take care of before your pack and load dates:

Propane tanks, Paints, Poisons, Kerosene, Ammonia, Matches, Fireworks, Pesticides, Motor Oil, Charcoal, Cleaning Solvents, Ammunition, Aerosols, Liquid Bleach, Darkroom Chemicals, Lamp Oils, Gasoline, Fire Extinguisher, Charcoal Lighter, Nail Polish, Fertilizer, Chemistry Sets, Car Batteries, Pool Chemicals, Nail Polish Removal, Paints.

Items that the client should move on one’s own

Important paperwork, legal documents, jewelry, stamps, and money should all be handled personally. Keep them in your possession at all times.

– Firearms — Carrying handguns and ammo is your responsibility.

– Flammables and Combustibles — It is forbidden to load aerosol cans and flammable liquids. They may leak or even explode as a result of changes in temperature and pressure. For your personal safety, be aware that you, not your carrier, will be held responsible if you load these items and they harm your shipment or others. – Frozen Foods and Plants — Due to their fragile and perishable nature, carriers are not allowed to accept these packed items unless the shipment is travelling a distance of less than 150 miles and/or the delivery will take place within 24 hours of loading.