Any office relocation can be challenging for a worker. On the day of the move, things at work might get very chaotic with all the packing and moving – and you still have work to get done for the day! We’ve compiled 6 helpful ideas you may utilize to ease the moving process, whether you’re merely shifting your desk to a different level or moving to a new building entirely.

  1. Spend some time a day or two before the move cleaning your workspace thoroughly. Start by going through all of your old documents, memos, and receipts. Shred the ones that are merely taking up space and file the vital ones. Recycling the paper after scanning all vital documents to your computer is a smart idea.
  2. Be consistent when identifying your files and folders; you don’t want half of them to end up on someone else’s desk. You’ll need to spend the better part of the day looking for the remaining files and directories. Put the sticker on each of folder.
  3. Do not change the filing cabinet. Consider putting all your documents and folders in the file cabinet. You can save some time and space by leaving the contents of your cabinets alone because many of moving companies will shrink wrap anything with drawers.
  4. Bring your personal items home. Plan to bring home any sentimental items, such as picture frames, posters, or plants, the day before the move if you’re concerned, they’ll get lost.
  5. Telecommuting is recommended. Consider working from home on the day of the move if your boss permits it. Without the interruption of movers coming in and out, you’ll be able to accomplish more work, and the movers won’t have to worry about frequently stopping you in the middle of a thought.