Refrigerators & freezes

Before moving, defrost and completely dry your refrigerator. This is important for packing refrigerators and freezers. This has major significance. After defrosting, the doors should be left open for several hours to let air in. Remove and wrap separately any pans, trays, crispers, shelves, or other removable components. Service your refrigerator. Before transporting, the motor might need to be bolted down. Wait till it has been unbolted before plugging it in at the new place!

Lawn equipment & another tools

Empty the oil and fuel from power tools including chainsaws, trimmers, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers (do not ship flammables under any circumstances). Hand tools should be placed in compact, sturdy crates. If valuable, package separately.


Roll up the cord and take the bulbs, harps, and shades off. Place lights upright in a tidy, tissue-lined carton together with the bedding or wrap them individually. Wrap the harp and finial in packing paper, then tape them to the interior of the shade’s carton. Shades should be wrapped in tissue, not newspaper, and placed upright in large crates packed with tissue.


Remove any loose items from the oven, including glass shelves, carousels, and cookware. Wrap any loose items, then put them in a different container. To protect the glass, tape the door shut in a “X” design. If it is available, use the manufacturer’s original carton.

Mirrors & glass items

For complete protection, glass tops, glass shelves, mirrors, paintings, and pictures should be crates. They must be wrapped with bubble wrap or wrapping papers and put in a picture or mirror box when storing or shipping. Additionally, you can trust our skilled movers to safely handle all of your priceless and fragile belongings.


When possible, pack computers, scanners, printers, and other electronic devices in their original cartons. If not, use sturdy corrugated cardboard and add padding for protection to the bottom of the container, or wrap the items in bubble wrap. Put more bubble wrap padding between the carton and the PC. Don’t forget to put the sticker Fragile !