A month to eight weeks before the actual moving day:

Getting a precise moving estimate

For a moving estimate, contact Elephant Moving – movers Calgary

We would need a thorough inventory list of everything you would need to move (including any goods that would not fit in a box) as well as an anticipated number of boxes in order to ensure that the estimate is accurate. If you’re unsure how many boxes and items you’ll need, our moving specialists at Elephant Moving will help you make an estimate based on how much stuff you’re transporting, how many rooms and people are in the property, and how long you’ve been there.

Inform our moving expert of anything that has to be moved. Even though you were given a firm estimate, the price will increase if there are any things you don’t reveal or later add to the shipment.

Ask for an estimate both with and without the entire packing; this will help you decide if you want to perform any of the packing yourself or hire our professional packers to do it. With pleasure, our moving consultant will go through all packing options with you.

If your company is paying for your relocation, you can find out what services the mover is allowed to provide by consulting their moving policy.